Frequently asked Questions

Who manages the properties?

All Bloomington properties are managed by Orion Property Management, a leader in the property management market in Bloomington since 2009.

All Indianapolis properties are managed by The Wilmoth Group, the premier property management company in Indianapolis, founded in 1994.

How long is the lease?

Standard Lease is 12 months, but we can work with you if you are looking for something shorter or longer.

How can rent be paid?

Rent can easily be paid by bank draft or online with Orion Property Management or Wilmoth Group.

How are maintenance claims handled?

Maintenance claims can be submitted by phone, online or in person. All maintenance claims are responded to within 24 hours.

Who pays for utilities?

Unless otherwise stated in the lease, utilities are not included with rent. Although if you are interested in a house with utility payments included with the rent, let us know and we can work with you on that.